Electronic communications, ranging from emails to text messages to social media posts, have enjoyed unprecedented growth in the past two decades. Digital media continues to take the world by storm. Many prefer this faster and arguably simpler method of communication to printed media. Yet every business worth its salt still has a printer it uses on a regular basis. Why?

Even in an age of digital content and online advertising, printed materials have still proven themselves to be beneficial and sometimes even necessary components of a successful business. Exact reasons will vary by industry. However, a few factors of physical prints hold true no matter where they’re used. Let’s look at a few reasons why printing in the digital age is still a viable option for many businesses.

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Connecting with Customers

Most people would be happy to get a message from a loved one, whether the message arrives via email or snail mail. However, most would also agree that there’s something particularly special about receiving a handwritten letter. It’s a type of connection that electronic messages can’t exactly replicate.

While customers won’t view your business as a loved one, the same principle applies. Electronic messages are easily ignored or deleted, and notifications can be dismissed quickly. None of these are possible on a stack of envelopes. Sending printed advertisements or check-in letters significantly raises the chances that your customers will actually read your message and potentially act upon it.

Keep Your Business Visible

Printed advertisements ensure your business stays visible to customers for a while. However, that’s not the only way they can increase your business’s visibility. Find creative ways to direct customers to visit your website, download your app, etc. Include a QR code or a digital-exclusive offer that sends customers to your online presence. This provides double reassurance that they’ll look at what you have to offer.

Digital vs. Physical Advertisements

According to a 2015 study detailed in Forbes, printed advertisements that subjects could hold in their hands ranked higher for understanding and brand recall than similar advertisements sent via digital means. This certainly helps keep your brand in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. Even better, a printed ad in their mailbox won’t be filtered out as spam by an automated email system. They’re sure to see your advertisements this way!

Don’t Give Up on Your Printer!

Every business advertises differently. While some can benefit immensely from taking advantage of the print industry, others may rely more on digital marketing. It’s important to find the right balance for your own situation. However, never dismiss the potential of printed marketing campaigns. They may be more successful than you think!

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