Social distancing is still in effect, and for many people, that means continuing to work from home. Being able to easily share documents, files, and information is crucial to continuing to be productive during a period of remote work. For many businesses, this may mean a temporary or even permanent switch to cloud-based document sharing systems.

Many businesses use cloud-based storage in everyday work, not just in remote working scenarios like many find themselves in now. And there’s no denying that a cloud-based sharing system makes things a lot easier for employers and employees alike! How can your business benefit from making the switch?

A cloud-based document management system could be the best thing you ever implement for your business, especially during a period of extended remote work. Here’s a closer look at why. #PlatinumCopiers #wfh Click To Tweet

Simple Setup & Access

With good internet access and the right client input, it only takes about 15 minutes to set up a cloud storage system. And once it’s set up, that’s it! Anyone with the right credentials can access all the files and data they need. That’s a far cry from setting up a brand new hard drive and waiting for files to transfer.

Easy Sharing & Collaboration

Not only does cloud storage enable easy sharing, but it also promotes excellent collaboration between coworkers. As long as you have good internet and can log in, employees can work on the same file or access the same data from anywhere in the world. This streamlines your workday and allows everyone to stay on the same page for both work and planning.

Pro Tip: Cloud sharing systems allow you to see who altered a file, when they did, and what they changed. This helps keep track of everyone’s input at work.

Reliable Security

Relying on cloud security eliminates the need to lock up computers, hard drives, or filing cabinets at the end of the day. After all, hardware can be stolen or damaged by a natural disaster. Fortunately, cloud storage keeps everything on the internet, safe from natural disasters and safeguarded against hackers and viruses. Your files are safer in the cloud than ever before!

Switching to Cloud-Based Sharing Systems

As many of us continue to work from home, we need a reliable method of sharing and collaborating with each other more than ever before. Switching to a cloud-based system as soon as possible could provide an excellent boost both in productivity and security that your business has been missing.

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