A well-organized document management system can go a long way toward streamlining your workday and making document access simple and secure. But choosing the proper setup and implementing the new system can be challenging even for seasoned employees. Ongoing maintenance of the system also presents unique work requirements and problems. Is your workplace prepared to handle that?

If you’re desperately in need of a document management system and don’t know where to get started, consider hiring a document management consultant. A consultant will assess what your office needs and get your new system set up quickly, allowing you to get back to work. They can also provide ongoing help and support with your new setup. Let’s take a look at what your new consultant can do for your workplace.

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Keeping Track of Your Documents

Every office uses both physical and virtual documents to store client data, streamline communication, write schedules, and much more. The sheer number of these documents can easily become overwhelming. And of course, keeping track of different formats and storage methods only add more complications. A document management consultant can help you keep track of your physical or electronic documents long-term, eliminating the confusion of a disorganized system.

Keeping Your Printer Ready to Go

Your office printer needs supplies to keep it running. Aside from emergency repairs, you also have to ensure you have a good stockpile of printer paper and ink cartridges. Running out of either at a crucial moment could stall your office and waste precious time. Fortunately,  part of a consultant’s job is to keep your printer working at all hours. They’ll use a remote monitoring system to keep track of the ink and paper levels as well as any alerts indicating a problem. Your consultant will order supplies for you as necessary and schedule maintenance trips to keep your copier working.

Pro Tip: Have your office copier inspected every so often for any signs of a malfunction. The sooner you spot a potential problem, the quicker and less expensive repairs will be.

Organize Your Physical and Virtual Files

One significant detriment to productive document management is disorganization. You may know which document you need for a particular task, but what folder is it in? You’ll wind up wasting time searching for your document instead of getting work done. Let a consultant create a streamlined system for you to organize all your data, eliminating the need to go frantically hunting for something on short notice.

Make Your Job Easier with an Organized System

A randomly organized document management setup is just as detrimental to productivity as a desk covered in trash. Let the experts create a truly streamlined system for you to keep your documents safe and easy to access.

Join the conversation to learn how else a document management consultant can help your workplace during extended work-from-home periods.