The easy-to-use touchscreen is one of the favorite SHARP printer features that offices yearn for when it comes to printing. Besides, SHARP printers have embraced the latest technologies to fit into the modern diverse work styles. This makes the printers unique.

What are our favorite SHARP printer features? 

Every business that offers printing services needs a printer that can effectively fulfill its printing needs. Thankfully, SHARP printers provide everything you need in an office environment. For example, they can produce high-quality printouts.

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Here are the favorite SHARP printer features that make the printers unique.

  1. Easy-To-Use Touchscreen
  2. Security Features
  3. Inner Folding Unit
  4. 100-Sheet Reversing

1) Easy-To-Use Touchscreen

The SHARP printers’ touchscreen displays are easy to use as they are developed on award-winning designs. The touchscreen provides an accurate and responsive user experience to streamline printing in today’s sophisticated workflows.

2) Security Features

With the increasing cases of cybersecurity threats, all businesses need secure printing environments. Therefore, you must protect your endpoint devices against such risks. Thankfully, SHARP printers use the latest security technology to protect your data.

3) Inner Folding Unit

SHARP printers have introduced a new inner folding unit to improve printing efficiency. The inner folding unit offers various fold patterns, including Z-fold, tri-fold, half-fold, C-fold, and accordion-fold. These can help you complete printing jobs on time.

4) 100-Sheet Reversing

SHARP copiers have a fast printing speed to help businesses execute tasks quickly. They have a 100-sheet reversing single-pass document feeder that can scan original documents at a rate of up to 80 images per minute. As a result, it helps you save time.

Bonus Feature: Secure Cloud Services

Another unique feature that makes SHARP office copiers is that they provide secure cloud services. Their Cloud Connect feature allows you to print and scan documents to popular cloud applications. Also, you can monitor and manage the printers remotely using the SHARP Remote Device Manager (SRDM).

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