Even in an increasingly digital age, it’s still difficult to find a business that doesn’t use a printer to keep hard records of important information. Many businesses also print promotional materials, customer handouts, and more, requiring a reliable printer or copier. But how should a business get that copier in the first place? Is it better to buy or lease an office printer?

Like any choice a business has to make, both options have their pros and cons and neither is inherently any better than the other. It depends on your business’s needs and your preferences for your machine. Before you make your decision, consider the pros and cons of each choice and find the best fit for your circumstances.

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Should Your Office Buy or Lease an Office Printer? Platinum Copier Solutions, Houston

Purchasing a Printer

Outright owning the printer is sometimes the better choice for a business looking to save money and streamline work. Once the purchase is complete, the printer’s yours! You’re free to keep it for as much or as little time as you want without worrying about contract fees. You can also take the printer with you if your office moves to a new location.

Of course, buying your own printer has drawbacks. Not every business can afford the upfront lump sum required to purchase the equipment. Additionally, repairs and periodic maintenance can quickly become expensive since the printer is entirely your responsibility. And if your business has multiple locations, can you expect to keep the same model printer in service at each location to standardize what you produce? You might end up having to handle more minute tasks if you simply buy the printer outright.

Leasing a Printer

In several ways, choosing to lease a printer provides an excellent value for the business in question. By paying a small monthly fee instead of a large upfront cost, you’ll avoid the sudden financial burden that purchasing can create. Many providers will also replace the equipment with an upgraded model when a new version becomes available. Best of all, leasing a printer all but guarantees that the copier provider will handle repairs for you and likely even handle your printing management. If service and lower immediate costs are higher priorities for your business, leasing is probably the better choice.

Leasing comes with its own set of drawbacks, though. Perhaps the most important to consider is the ultimate cost. While the upfront charge is drastically reduced, your business will have to pay a rental fee every month. Depending on how long you use the printer, your final cost may end up being higher than the printer’s market value. But many businesses still consider the extra cost to be worth it when you factor in the services and maintenance that usually come along with a printer lease. It ultimately depends on your business.

Which is Best for You?

Each business is different, so there’s no single answer to the debate of purchasing vs. leasing a copier. But there are a few questions you can consider as you make your decision. Before you put money down on a rented or purchased copier, discuss these points with your team:

  • What can your business afford upfront?
  • Are you prepared to handle ongoing maintenance and/or repairs: cost, time commitment, etc?
  • How often will you need to upgrade your printer?
  • What kind of printer does your business need? How many bells and whistles should it have?
  • If your business has multiple locations, how important is it that they all use the same model?

Once you’ve determined the answers to these questions, you’ll have a much better idea of whether leasing or buying is the better option for your business.

Pro Tip: Whether you lease or buy a copier, your expense may very well be tax-deductible! Talk with your company financial expert to see if you qualify.

Using the Best Office Equipment Available

Regardless of whether you choose to buy or lease your office printer, make sure your new machine comes from a trustworthy source. Find a copier supplier that will provide ongoing support, managed print services, quick customer service, and more to keep your office running. Make the right choice for your business’s long-term success.

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