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Platinum Copier Solutions is proud to congratulate team member Casey Conner for ranking as one of the top 6 salespeople in the country after a fierce competition at Sharp’s National Demo Contest. Casey put her experience and passion for what she does to good use, impressing the judges and her fellow competitors.

Sharp’s National Demo Contest

The National Demo Contest allows highly trained salespeople to demonstrate their knowledge of Sharp’s products,  features, and how they can help various industries achieve their goals. Each competitor was given a number of different industry challenges and asked to present solutions. They were judged by several Sharp Corporation leaders.

A Tough Competition

More than 100 dealership salespeople competed in the contest to see who could give the best demo of Sharp copier products. 8 were selected to make the trip to compete to represent the Central Region at the national finals in New York City. Casey was one of those 8, standing out as a knowledgeable and creative force to be reckoned with.

Congratulations, Casey!

We are so proud of Casey, whose expertise and professionalism helped her advance to the finals in New York. She is a valued member of the Platinum Copier team and provides honest, expert care to every customer.

Contact Us to learn more about the competition, or to find out more about our various industry solutions to help your business grow.