As printing technology grows, there’s a need for more mobile printing tips. There’s no doubt that people are transitioning to a paperless world, but that doesn’t stop offices from producing printouts. There are instances we’ll need them, and that’s where mobile printing comes in handy.

Mobile printing is as simple as connecting a smartphone to the same network the printer uses. You can print documents from your mobile device and not through a personal computer. Thankfully, both Android and iOS support mobile printing without a third-party printing app. All you need is a Wi-Fi network.

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Now, let’s look at the types of mobile printing and the printing apps you might need.

Types of Mobile Printing 

There are three categories of mobile print solutions: mobile app, print-service plug-in, and native printing capability.

  • Native Printing – Built in the mobile operating system and involves methods like Apple AirPrint and Android native printing.
  • Mobile App Printing – Involves using mobile apps optimized to connect with a specific vendor’s printer, for example, Samsung Mobile Print.
  • Print-Service Plug-in – They also integrate well with operating systems to offer essential apps print capabilities.

Look on the App Store 

If your mobile device needs a third-party printing app, look for the best printer apps on the app store. For example, if you use Android phones, you can go for Google Cloud Print or a printer app designed for a specific printer. An excellent example is HP’s printer app, which is available on the Google Play app store.

Best Printer Apps from the App Store

There are many third-party printer apps you can use to print documents from your mobile device. Unfortunately, some may not work as expected. So, consider using the Google Cloud Print app or an app designed specifically for your printer. The best printer app should be compatible with both your mobile device and printer for easy printing.

Use the Cloud for Printing

Using the cloud for wireless printing is one of the best mobile printing tips, as you don’t need to open a separate app to print a document. Google Cloud Print is an excellent example of a cloud printing solution. It allows you to print directly from your smartphone or tablet in whatever program that’s running, whether a web browser or email.

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