As you plan to protect your IT environment, you need to consider copier security. Most businesses tend to secure their computers and servers, but printer security can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, large and modern WiFi copiers have become the target for many cyber attackers.

Like computers, copiers and printers handle sensitive data in a business. Such information includes employee records, client payment details, and confidential internal memos. Since most of these print machines have remote access, hackers can access them. Thankfully, we’ll show you how to secure copiers.

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Here is how to secure your print environment to ensure your copier security.

Check Your Copier’s Integrity Often

Performing regular integrity checks on your copier’s BIOS and firmware can help to protect it from data breaches. The integrity checks ensure that the BIOS and firmware are safe and untampered by unauthorized individuals. Besides, the checks ensure that BIOS runs the correct version of the code. However, always keep the firmware updated.

Antivirus Features

Invest in copiers with antivirus features to enjoy extra protection against computer viruses, trojans, or other malware. Consider installing the software if the copier connected to your network has no antivirus feature. The good news is that many antivirus solutions exist for a copier and printers.

Employ Encryption Techniques

One of the best ways to secure your printers and copiers from unauthorized access is by encrypting the devices to protect data. That way, no hacker can read your encrypted data unless they have the correct encryption key. Besides, data encryption is crucial for companies handling sensitive data, such as finance, healthcare, and legal entities.

Platinum Copiers Can Help

Any copied, printed, scanned, or faxed document is at risk of exposure to unauthorized hackers without proper copier security features. So, it’s essential to ensure your copier security to protect your copy machine against data breaches. A good copier or printer secures sensitive information. Thankfully, you’ll find secure copiers at Platinum Copiers.

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