As record-keeping technology advances, health and medical centers are shifting their focus from paper medical records to electronic medical records. Despite the transition, some organizations still hold onto traditional paper records. It may leave you confused about whether to stick to paper records or migrate to electronic record keeping.

The main goal of transitioning from paper to electronic record-keeping is to streamline operations. Although many firms and health organizations have welcomed the transition, the bottom line of record-keeping is to secure sensitive data in the records, whether paper or electronic.

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Let’s check the pros and cons of electronic and paper documents and their applications. 

Electronic Documents: Pros and Cons

An excellent example of electronic record-keeping is the electronic health record (EHR), which stores patient information electronically for quick access.

Pros of Electronic Records

  • You can store several documents electronically and not notice they are there
  • Storing health information in an EHR system is less time-consuming
  • Reduces costs by decreasing paperwork and labor requirement

Cons of Electronic Records

  • High risk of data breaches and loss of sensitive information to hackers
  • High costs of transitioning from paper to electronic record-keeping
  • EHR system requires regular updates from the developer 

Paper Documents: Pros and Cons

Paper-based records are important at some point but may be vulnerable to certain risks, especially when keeping sensitive health records.

Pros of Paper Records

  • Paper records are easy to access, view, and manipulate
  • The documents are always on-site, hence are easy to protect
  • People from the outside can’t hack paper records when secured in a building

Cons of Paper Records

  • Paper records require a lot of space for storage
  • Exposes sensitive documents to unauthorized individuals when left in the copier
  • Paper files can easily get lost, misplaced, stolen, or destroyed by accidents

Use Both: Best For All

As you contemplate choosing between paper and electronic record-keeping, it’s crucial to consider your needs. However, that doesn’t mean you should choose one and leave the other option. You can combine both paper and digital record-keeping to maximize the benefits of each document-storage system.

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