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As any business owner knows, quality customer service is the best way to ensure that your clients keep coming back. Not only does good customer service attract new customers and encourage old ones to return, but it also establishes your business as trustworthy and professional. As you might imagine, providing this experience to customers is crucial to your business’s ultimate success.

While an entire book could be written on the best-detailed strategies for customer service, there are several overarching concepts that small business owners can learn from in dealing with customers. How many of these can be applied to your business?

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Online Customer Interaction

Customers appreciate and expect the ability to reach your business online. Even a small business can take advantage of the internet to listen to customers’ input and provide help at the push of a button. Start by using these channels to answer questions and handle problems quickly:

  • Social media
  • Chat function on your website
  • FAQ pages

Pro Tip: An FAQ page is a valuable resource to help streamline customer questions. If your answer on the FAQ page is thorough enough, a customer may not need to ask you directly at all.

Problem Reports

If a customer complains, a glitch appears in your computer system, an employee needs to open a support ticket, or any other major issue surfaces, you need to have a system in place to handle any and all problem reports. The faster you can respond to a problem, the more satisfied your customers will be. Keep track of what’s been done and what else you can do to resolve a customer’s complaint.

Customer Service Training

Excellent customer service starts with well-trained employees. Go over the basic requirements of customer care with your employees and make sure to stay up-to-date on the same guidelines yourself. If possible, invest in professional training. The more knowledgeable all your staff are, the higher your customer satisfaction rates will be.

Keeping Your Client Base Satisfied

Customers expect your attention and professional treatment when they do business with you or just interact with you in person or online. By maintaining expectations of great customer service, you can ensure your business will do well and earn itself an excellent reputation in your field.

Join the conversation to learn more about customer expectations and how to revise your business strategies accordingly.