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Getting a new office printer is an excellent investment you must undertake carefully. So, consider your print needs, such as the daily volume of work you plan to print and the color consistency. That way, you’ll be able to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Getting a New Office Printer?

So, how do you know that a printer suits your office? First, consider a few factors, including the printer’s security features and print speeds. Also, is the office printer multifunctional? Finally, does it have mobile printing capabilities?

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In detail, here are the factors to consider when getting a new office printer.

  1. Consider Your Features
  2. Don’t Forget Security
  3. Mobile Printing Capabilities
  4. Boot Up Speeds
  5. Color Consistency 

1) Consider Your Features

Your printer’s features can influence your productivity. For instance, if you have a law office that prints large volumes of documents daily, you’ll need a fast printer.

Here are the other features to consider in your new office printer.

  • Scan capabilities
  • User-display friendliness
  • Media or USB port for printing on the go
  • Finishing options, such as stapling and booklet-making

2) Don’t Forget Security

Printers become more vulnerable when connected to your network or the internet. As a result, hackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities and steal sensitive data.

Here are the security features to fulfill in your printer.

  • Offers control over user activity
  • Features to erase data after use
  • Protection against retrieval by unauthorized users
  • Ensure it’s encrypted and add a multi-layered security

3) Mobile Printing Capabilities

Can you print your documents remotely from your phone? A good office printer offers mobile printing capabilities, so you won’t have to stick to your office desk when printing. Imagine leaving the office to get lunch only to realize you forgot to press the print button. In that case, you’ll be lucky to execute the print command from your phone.

4) Boot Up Speeds

Pay attention to the printer’s warm-up speed before buying. Different copiers take some time to warm up when switched on, so select a printer with the fastest boot-up speed. Most printers take 5-45 seconds to warm up. Some also have walk-up motion sensors that prepare them for action when you walk into the office.

5) Color Consistency

Copiers came in color and monochrome (black and white). So, consider if your office needs black-and-white documents or colored options. If your business needs color printers, ensure your printer offers a color consistency system to generate high-quality documents.

Shop With Platinum

If you’re considering getting a new office printer, ensure it fulfills your long-term printing jobs. An inkjet or laser printer should have advanced security features, better boot-up speeds, and mobile printing capabilities. In addition, the printer’s page yield should match your print volume. The good news is that you can get such printers at Platinum.

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