If you plan to renew your copier lease to fulfill your current print needs, we recommend you do your best to find the copier that fits your needs. Copiers always come in handy and can add value to your business. That’s why you should be inquisitive when renewing your lease.

What questions should you ask yourself before you renew your copier lease?

Leasing copier machines allow you to access the latest print technologies that suit your needs. But even before you sign a leasing agreement, knowing what you’re leasing is vital. Think about the features you want in the copier lease.

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Before you renew your copier lease agreement, ask the questions below.

  1. Is your current copier secure?
  2. Is your copier easy to use?
  3. Is it cost-effective?
  4. Does your current copier handle your workload?

1) Is your current copier secure?

Most businesses downplay the need for copier security, making their sensitive data more vulnerable. So, before renewing a copier lease, ensure the device is secure to protect sensitive information. Also, look for a machine with a secured print release.

2) Is your copier easy to use?

Every printer or copier has a control panel you can navigate to print the exact page you need. So, ensure the copier has a user interface that allows you to edit documents and rearrange files with a finger slide. Choose a copier with an easy-to-use control panel.

3) Is it cost-effective?

A good copier should be cost-effective to lower expenditures and maximize profits. The copier should track any printing activity to help you estimate the cost you incur. Also, the copier should have a black-and-white option to reduce costs when color is unnecessary.

4) Does your current copier handle your workload?

When leasing a copier, you want a machine that can handle your print volume. So, you should ensure your current copier fulfills your growing printing needs. Consider getting another copier if the current one can no longer support your printing workload.

Bonus Question: Are you happy with your printer?

As you plan to renew your copier lease, you must ensure it fulfills your needs. It should have all the desired features in a printer, including better functionality. Besides, it should not develop problems constantly, as that may interfere with your operations. 

Platinum Copiers Can Help

So far, you know the questions to ask before you renew your copier lease. Then, you only need to search for a leasing company with favorable terms and conditions, like Platinum Copiers. We’ll help you lease high-quality copiers that suit your budget.

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