Employers have a wide selection of tools at their disposal to boost their office’s daily productivity levels. One excellent way to increase productivity is to ensure that each employee has access to cutting-edge technology and office equipment to help with their job. Fortunately, most modern offices have easy access to remarkably helpful devices or services to encourage a productive office environment.

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Necessary Additions to Your Workplace

Quality equipment will help your employees complete their jobs faster and more efficiently, leading to an increase in overall office production and reducing the time wasted waiting on machines to work. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your average workday, investing in certain additions to your office will be well worth it. Let’s look at 3 very helpful additions to your workplace:

  1. Multifunction printers
  2. AQUOS Board
  3. eGoldFax

1) Multifunction Printers

A Sharp multifunction printer combines the functionality of a copier, printer, fax machine, and scanner into a single unit to save both space and expenses. Not only can it perform all four functions with the same degree of efficiency as the appliances it replaces, but it also streamlines everyone’s workday. Many MFPs allow status checks on paper, ink levels, and more from remote devices, ensuring your office never needs to halt work while the printer is refilled.

Pro Tip: Managed print services take care of the paper, ink levels, and much more for you to create a truly streamline office environment!

2) AQUOS Board

Most offices require periodic presentations to other employees or respective clients. Why not go all-out with an impressive piece of cutting-edge technology? The Sharp AQUOS Board functions similar to an interactive whiteboard, but with far more innovative systems and the ability to support up to 4 users writing simultaneously on the board. Best of all, you can mirror your presentation on the audience’s mobile devices and even grant one partial control of the screen when necessary. This board is a necessary addition to your presentation room!

3) eGoldFax

Faxes still play an important part in many offices. However, what if you could use a more technologically advanced form of faxing? That’s where eGoldFax comes in. This cloud system connects to your MFP and manages its faxing capabilities without the need to install additional hardware. Better yet, this service lets you send and receive electronic faxes through your email. Rather than having to give up your office’s faxing preferences, just update them with a more modern approach.

Encouraging Team Members to Stay Productive

Boost productivity in your office by adding a few examples of high-quality equipment. Once your team members adjust to the new additions and incorporate them into their daily work routine, your business is sure to increase profits and daily production.

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