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Platinum Copier Solutions is an authorized provider of Sharp office equipment in Dallas – Fort Worth, Houston, and the Beaumont area. With over 60 years of sales and service experience in the office equipment industry, our business copier solutions have helped entrepreneurs successfully complete work in a way that’s effortless and hassle-free.

We know that every business is different, and that’s why we offer multiple copier leasing services, as well as the option to rent or buy a machine. We attribute our many years of success through our dedication to providing high-quality customer service and ongoing Sharp copier support services. Since starting Platinum Copier Solutions, it has been and still is our mission every day.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Platinum Copier Solutions is to offer high-end reproduction products and services at locally competitive prices and to provide our clients with practical business solutions for their real-world work environments. The intent of the Company is to offer a full range of efficient office products and services based upon an agenda of creative solutions and professionalism that supports our customers’ basic business needs for success. In our role as a good corporate citizen, we will build and form partnerships with local businesses, community organizations, and private and public-sector agencies to use our knowledge and services to make a positive impact upon the communities we live and work in.

Core Values


  • Is clear, precise, efficient, respectful, timely and prioritizes active listening
  • We listen and respond with favorable intentionality to our community
  • Delivered with no room for gossip, rudeness, hidden agendas or prejudice
  • Our core values drive our communication and all members have a voice at the table


  • In our appearances, communications, correspondence, attitudes, decisions and acumen
  • Always verbally, non-verbally, actions, inactions and demeanor
  • Focused and prideful of our Above the Line behaviors in our community and home
  • We apply courtesy, patience, positivity, etiquette, cleanliness, detail and organization


  • We understand respect is to be earned, valued and can be lost in an Instant
  • Our treatment of others and to myself is always genuine and respectful
  • With high regard we are respectfully driven by our core values, mission statement and value proposition
  • Respect lives in our frame of mind, the quality of our work, our appreciation of diversification and actions


  • Trust, loyalty, visibility, availability, dependability begins with me
  • We deliver high value, clarity, commitment, accountability in everything that we do
  • I do with Integrity what I say I am going to do and you can count on me
  • In the highest interest of our customers do the right and responsible deed


  • Without integrity successful leadership is unsustainable
  • We hold our commitments and our word regardless of convenience
  • We utilize company resources only for the right purposes-No Exceptions
  • Authenticity, transparency, the Platinum Rule – It’s how we do it both personally and professionally


  • TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • For our customers we are stronger and earn loyalty
  • We go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations
  • We demonstrate collaboration, engagement, versatility and willingness to jump in
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The Platinum Difference

With Platinum Copier Solutions by your side you can expect:


  • More productivity and efficiency with everyday tasks in your workplace
  • High-quality and innovative document systems to fit your specific industry-related needs
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Quick response times to your service calls
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • On-site and virtual IT support
  • Options to buy, rent, or lease Sharp devices
  • Multiple financing options
  • Learning materials for your Sharp devices including tutorials, brochures, and manuals

Our History 

Business owner, Kimberly Gonzalez, started in the copier and office equipment industry at only 19 years old. She started by selling Xerox copiers and eventually worked her way up the ladder. At the time, Kimberly didn’t realize this would be the starting point of her life-long career, but as she developed knowledge and expertise in the document systems field, she decided to begin cultivating her own business.

In 2007, Kimberly started Platinum Copier Solutions with her current Operations Manager who also has many years of experience with the service side of office equipment. In order to sell the highest-quality machines and technology on the market, Kimberly decided to be an authorized provider of only Sharp products.

Today, Platinum Copier Solutions has grown exponentially and developed a loyal customer following in the Houston area. Nationwide shipping and certified dealers make ordering our Sharp devices easy. The company’s success is attributed to the close-knit group of employees that are shown care and support at their workplace–resulting in low turnover rates. This knowledgeable staff can provide you with the same attention and service through our on-going device support, allowing you to focus more on growing and running your business.

Commercial Copier
commercial copier

Trained Technicians 


All of our technicians are full-line trained and go through a rigorous set of classes and training to reach the platinum level. While many companies focus on different brands, Platinum Copier Solutions is only a Sharp distributor. That means we can provide you with top-rated service because each and every staff member knows our Sharp devices inside and out.

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